Experience living Viking history! 


Viking Events will lead you back to the time when the proud Vikings ruled the north.  

The Vikings were not only adventurous and bloody warriors, but also skilled farmers, craftsmen and traders. Life was tough, especially for the first Vikings who settled sheep islands (Faroe Islands). We will tell you the story of those who did not go on to Iceland, but stayed on the most scenic and beautiful Faroe Islands.

We organize both small and big events, shows, etc. If you want to arrange something special for your company, school or tourist travel group, please comtact us for specific requests.

We offer various activities. Train like the brave warrior or do home chores like textile processing, light casting or play like children in the Viking Age. Perhaps you would rather cook and taste an authentic meal.

We promise that it does not end in a holmgang of life and death... probably...

We are located in the harbour of Thor (Tórshavn), the smallest and most beautiful capital in the North. Get in touch and let the show begin!  

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Viking Events

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  Viking Events - Faroe Islands



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