Puppet theater

Roykstovusøgur, Puppet Theater - "Tyr's Sacrifice"

In "Tyr's Sacrifice", Amalie Daval-Markussen and Durita Dahl Djurhuus lead us through the story along with expressive handmade dolls and atmospheric scenes and decorations. We will meet the god of war, Tyr. 
He gets the difficult task to tie the dangerous Fenris wolf. Whether it will succeed or not and if he will save the world from the wolf, yes that we will see!

Tyr's Sacrifice is a Faroese puppet theater. The show had a full house both days at Viking days in Hov 2018. 

From 5 years. The performance lasts approx. 40 minutes

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What people said about Tyr's Sacrifice: 

"The puppet theater FenrisWolf and Tyr can be recommended for all, kids as well as adults. It rips you into the adventure and pulls you to the depths of your imagination, for the storytelling and the puppets are executed with outmoust skill. It wont leave even the most hardcore viking cold; it awakes excitement and curiosity, thrill and laughter. Kids were intensly listening as Durita lively brought the adventure alive by her storytelling, and Amelie masterfully played the puppets. It must be mentioned that the props made kids gasp and inhale deep in admiration, and with full right: props are made with amazing skill and creativity, not to mention the puppets! They are fantastic! I totally recommend this to everyone!", Freja Lindahl


Ved du hvordan Fenrisulven kom til verden? Hvorfor mon asen, Tyr, kun har én hånd? Svarene kan du få ved at opleve dukketeaterstykket: "Fenrisulven og Tyr". Jeg så det i Hov, hvor Amalie og Durita henholdsvis førte dukkerne og læste historien. Amalie har lavet dukkerne, bla. af farvet uld, OG de er blevet rigtig flotte og livagtige. Børnene som kiggede på, var meget stille og levede sig godt ind i historien. Kom Se, og få én på "opleveren", Eva Heinesen 


What is a Roykstova?

A “roykstova” is the essence of the Faroese culture, where town folks over centuries used to gather and do crafts, tell stories, sing and dance.

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